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California based with operations worldwide.  California private investigator firm with expertise in background investigations, piracy, patent infringement, business espionage, counterintelligence, investigations, cold case investigations, trial preparation, fraud investigations, and crime scene investigations.

Who are we?

Since 1979, our investigators have helped solve thousands of local, national and international investigations, benefiting small businesses, government agencies, global organizations and private citizens. 

Our Chief investigator is Larry Stewart.  His assistance has been called upon with many notable cases to include; the Unabomber, numerous accused Nazi war criminals, e.g. John Demanjuk, a.k.a. Ivan the Terrible, the reinvestigation of the Dr. Martin Luther King murder, the reinvestigation of the Kennedy assassination/CIA conspiracy theory, the Jon Benet Ramsey murder investigation, the 9/11 terrorist attacks and the DC Sniper investigation. 

In addition, our investigative expertise was instrumental in helping to locate stolen nuclear material and to resolve international disputes in treaties and mapped territorial lines between countries. 

We have experience as an expert witness in state, federal and military courts of law, as well as in foreign court systems to include; Austria, Australia, Thailand, Sri Lanka and Canada.  In addition, Larry Stewart has testified at The Hague in the Netherlands and three times before the U.S. Congress. 

Our Mission:

To become the leading provider of professional investigators in the world.

With a team individually selected based on your needs, you can be assured that the GI&IS investigators will:

All matters are held in the strictest confidence.

Whether your case involves worker's compensation, corporate or private intelligence, cold case investigations, trial preparation, fraud or crime scene evaluations, please call us, we can help. 

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We are a subsidiary of  SFC  Stewart Forensic Consultants, LLC.  Visit our parent organization for forensic support and forensic case litigation at

We are licensed (CA PI License 24990) and insured.

We are a proud member of the Better Business Bureau.

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